October 2022 Update

A summary of the past events over the last two months!

Hello everyone! Apologies for the late update, however there have been many changes happening around personly that there wasn't enough time until now to properly summarize what has been happening. On the operational front, there have been several exciting changes under the hood as we continue to expand and improve our architecture. The new architecture has allowed us to, for example, improve the loading speed of pages significantly which also helps us in search engine rankings as well as mobile UI/UX.

On the business front, development of an app has begun with both the registration and login processes already being completed. Slowly but surely the functionality that already exists on personly will be ported to the mobile app world and we are very excited about this!

Marketing wise, we have begun a new campaign on Facebook and look forward to increasing our customer base. We are also getting ready to attend more real world events in order to get the message of personly out there, namely that personals are the best way to meet people!

Thanks for sticking by us and stay tuned as we continue to improve the product. And register as well, it is totally free and well worth the effort ;)

Thomas Kovacs


October 2022 Update

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