About Us


The goal of personly is to provide a controlled, anonymous, and safe way for people to connect to each other based around shared interests, hobbies and desires. Whereas traditional matching apps are trying to match static personalities, personly instead allows the creation of a dynamic  tokenized personal , which is created at any point in time by the user and states not only what they want to do but also to what extend they want to match people.

By assigning a token value to each newly created personal, personly users can easily decide how many other personals their personal should match. This allows a dynamic evolving self balancing 'market' in which people will not feel either overwhelmed for receiving too many matches or feel isolated by receiving too few, thus creating a greater sense of inclusivity and equalness more similar to a real world setting.

Tokenized personals can further ensure not only that abuse on the platform is naturally limited, but also that the experience of using the platform is the exact same for everyone, thus avoiding another common pitfall of many dating applications in providing completely orthogonal feature sets to paying vs. non paying customers. Fundamentally our platform is based on the pillars listed below.

Anonymity and Freedom

You are free to express yourself and state your wishes without fear of judgement or public knowledge.

Time and Cost Reduction

You decide how many personals to match at the time it is convenient for you.


By receiving a set of matches, the feeling of connectivity and sense of community increases dramatically.

Reduced Burden of Expectation

By focusing less on trying for one perfect match, meetings have a lessened burden of expectation as people have more choices

Rooted in Reality

Avoid what is currently plauging social media platforms, namely the amping up of fake positivity and instead focus on having real conversations

Money Managed Well

Manage your tokens easily without paying for additional gimmicks or time constrained features


We hope that you, the user, can take great joy in using the platform and that it can help you find whatever you are looking for in this life. We hope you have as much fun using it as we have had in developing it. We are always available for support and appreciate any feedback given. Thank you for your time!