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Step 1
RegisterCreate a new account! You can match 250 times for free before having to purchase tokens.
Step 2
CreateCreate an anonymous personal describing who you are, what you are looking for and in which city you are located.
Step 3
MatchMatch other personals based on the interest, city and gender you specified in your personal.
Step 4
InteractChat with your matches and easily cancel them if you feel nothing is working. Then create more personals!


Personal Based

Do not worry about a profile you need to constantly be updating to suit your changing needs and circumstances.
Complete anonymity means you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of showing many different sides of yourself.
Personals can be cancelled and updated, and can be saved as drafts for future usage.

Unique Matching Engine

Merging economics with online dating, our unique tokenized personal ensures matching is happening most optimally
Matching flexibility allows for matching of other verified personals, filtering explicit content as well as rematching people.
'Who Writes First' is solved; if you match an existing personal, you must write first

Pay as You Go

Our unique token system ensures that you only spend tokens when you want to.
Verified users have the option to only match personals created by other verified accounts.
Avoid being catfished or dealing with fake and spam accounts, although we try to mitigate spam account creation as well

Use Cases


You are single and actively seeking a long term relationship, however vacation is coming up and you want to let your hair down a bit. We have you covered! Create a personal for your hometown expressing your desire for a relationship, and create another personal at your vacation destination which allows you the freedom to enjoy yourself however you wish.

Exploring Yourself

You are eager to explore a different side of yourself but are not ready to reveal your identity yet in terms of displaying a photo, birthday, or real name for the world to see. No problem! Simply create multiple personals expressing your different selves; do not worry about trying to fit one profile to all cases, or constantly updating the same profile to suit your changing needs.

Strictly Platonic

Do not feel the pressure to date or meet the love of your life when creating a personal using our platform. Whether you are travelling to a new city and are eager to meet a local for a short tour, or just need someone to talk to, there is no problem at all with stating something that is strictly platonic and thus removing the annoying 'pressure of expectations' from all meetup situations.

Visible Figure

Often people in more public roles such as a teacher do not want to post their information on dating apps for fear of their students seeing them or finding out something personal about their lives! The same could be true for your coworkers, etc. With personly, your anonymity is protected across all these cases and will be revealed by you only.


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