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Strictly Platonic

Strictly platonic personals are used to arrange meetings between people where there is typically no attraction involved. Examples of such meetups are finding business partners, meeting people while travelling in unknown cities, and just plain old getting together for a nice chat.

In the past people would often use Strictly Platonic personals as a segue into perhaps something more romantic, which works in some cases as it relieves the burden of expectation. Nonetheless, try to keep the spirit of this meetup alive by engaging in strictly PG activities.

Casual Encounter

Casual encounters are where meetups start become charged with the element of sexuality. Unlike most dating apps where the idea of a one night stand or temporary romantic involvement is usually discouraged, at personly there is an entire category devoted to hooking up.

Please be civil, honest and make your intentions clear when using this method of meeting up. Try to temper expectations and focus on the journey, not the end result.

Dating and Romance

Dating and romance is the classic meetup experience that most people seek when using matching apps and websites. personly accommodates this type of meetup as well.

People should only be using this category if they are serious about a long term relationship and are willing to put in a certain amount of time and effort in order to have meaningful cherished experiences that will last a lifetime.