Safe Personals

Anonymous personals mean freedom of expression without risk of public exposure

Anonymous and Free
Reveal Yourself when you Want
Available Worldwide
The World at your Fingertips
Explore Yourself
Select Activity and Gender

Token Based

Tokenized personals ensure that you only spend what you want when you want

Decide your Matches
Spend More to Match More
Tons of Free Tokens
Control your Spending Amount
Full Token Refunds
Full Refund for Cancelled Personals

Smart Matching

Intelligent matching is based on how people communicate and the feedback provided

Verification System
Match Only Verified Personals
Filter Matches
Filter content marked as NSFW
Receive Match Notifications

Direct Messaging

Directly message your matches, share photos, build connections, or easily cancel them

Cancel Matches
Do not Reply and Receive Refund
Who Writes First?
If you Match First, Write First
Photo Sharing
Share Photos with your Matches