Happy 2023 Holiday Season!


Greetings to you all as we head into another festive Holiday Season. At personly we continue to do all we can to make anonymous personals great again. In this quarter, we have focused on some interesting usability enhancements as well as lots of smaller improvements.

Most notably, we have included a dedicated personals section in the public splash area. This section shows all open personals across the entire world with dedicated pages per country listing the personals. We hope that this world view will help users find personals that are most interesting to them. In the future we plan to update this view based on live interactions on the platform.

We have also revamped the blog article view to improve how articles are displayed alongside the main body of the content. With the new revamp comes a new blog category called "Shorts" which we share short stories about anonymous dating experiences. We hope that this content will serve as some light entertaining reading and build interest in our product as well.

We have even more features planned for the upcoming year and cannot wait to offer even more features to enhance the online meetup experience. Thank you very much for tuning in and we hope to see you once again in 2024. Have a very happy Holiday Season!