2023 2nd Quarter Updates

Some news concerning our frontend infrastructure for Q2 2023

Thomas Kovacs

Software Engineer and Founder of personly and astateful

As we are midway through 2023, personly has some frontend infrastructure news to share with you! We have upgraded our frontend infrastructure to use the latest and greatest in streaming and SSR technology by integrating Server Components into our suite of websites. Server components allow rendering of certain components to take place on the server, which for you as the end user means a much more performant user experience, especially on mobile. We have also seen our performance ranking increase massively as a result of the change, which means an improvement in SEO as well.

With the user facing infrastructure upgrade now in place, we can focus once again on marketing efforts and attracting more users. We have some big plans in place for the next quarters and are excited to continue our work in modernizing personals. Thank you to everyone who has made a personal so far and if you have not yet, please do so, it is free!

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2023 2nd Quarter Updates

Some news concerning our frontend infrastructure for Q2 2023

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