2023 3rd Quarter Updates


As we approach the end of summer, we continue to be busy at personly. Based on user feedback, we have focused this quarter primarily on improving the user experience of the Members Area. The first big change was to merge open matches and personals under a single view. Each view represents a different way to interact with matches. In the "outgoing" view you see your open personals. Selecting a personal displays matches which have matched only that selected personal. In the "incoming" view you can see your open matches independently of the personals that have created them. The "incoming" view is important since there can still be open matches for cancelled personals.

Updating and deleting of personals has been moved to the account area, allowing the home page to focus exclusively on chatting with your matches. This new intuitive way of interaction places the match interaction front and centre, especially as cancelling and updating personals are not very common use cases. We believe that this new home page view makes personly much easier to use.

We have overhauled the account area to provide direct management of matches, personals, discounts and payments. Not only that, we have also provided a new balance transaction view which showcases the latest events affecting your balance within the personly ecosystem. The entire account interface now has a much more professional and cohesive feel to it.

We have now decided that NSFW personals can only be created if the user is verified. The problem was that people were creating NSFW personals which were not really NSFW, and we therefore realized that there was some confusion with this process. As a reminder, NSFW is for sexually explicit content suitable for persons aged 18+. In order to make such NSFW personals, you must now be verified to be at least 18 years of age. In the future we will be streamlining our verification process to make it much easier to verify yourself and get your freak on ;)

We have fixed usability issues on both Safari and Firefox, both of which were not making personly very usable on those browsers.

Plans for next quarter include overhauling our verification system as well as increasing our security. We also want to expand our market outreach and pursue new business opportunties. Thanks so much for reading the update and please register if you have not done so already!