August 2022 Updates


With this August 2022 update, personly has some exciting news to share as we head into autumn and beyond. It is great to see our project start to build some momentum by welcoming its first users to the platform. You are what make the platform great and we hope that you can find some usefulness in it, especially if you have been bummed out by all the other matching alternatives out there.

We have identified some usability issues that we have fixed, and others that we are aware of and are working on. With our latest UI fixes, it is much clearer how to not only create a personal, but how to manage personals as well and to understand the relationship between personals and matches. The last remaining feature missing from the chat was the ability to share pictures with your matches, however that feature has now been implemented!

Since we aim to be fully GDPR compliant, we removed the map from the Live view since it was setting some unnecessary cookies. In its place we will show some open personals from the platform in order to generate interest and give non registered users a chance to see what sort of personals people are creating.

Thank you so much for visiting. If you are reading this and are unsure whether you should register or not, please do! It is totally free and easy to use. Lets start matching people again the right way!