Christmas 2022 Updates

A summary of updates for the New Year including a splash page overhaul which now displays all open personals on personly.


With the holiday season fast approaching personly has some great news to share as we head into the festive season and the celebration of a new year! We have largely revamped our splash page in order to give our visitors a greater sense of what the platform offers by displaying personals that have been created by you, the users! As the number of personals continues to grow, we will be adding advanced filtering capabilities to the splash page such as searching by city, activity and gender, which will enable our users to make a better informed choice as to whether the platform is something they feel can work for them.

Additionally, the user area has also seen some dramatic simplifications especially with respect to personal creation as well as the chat view. All of above has served the interest of our users in trying to keep everything as simple as possible while still providing a set of advanced features.

We have continued improvements planned, such as a new activity category, improved mobile support via the creation of an app, and improvements to the matching algorithm. We are super excited to be continuing on this journey and we hope that you as the user can participate in it! Have a very happy holiday season and we will read each other again soon in the new year!

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